The Gucci Guys

Donald Trump, a New York billionaire real estate mogul, hijacked the Republican Party in 2016 and was elected president of the United States, to the dismay, chagrin, anger and eternal enmity of the Washington Republican Establishment, who have zero interest in enacting his agenda, believing, as they do, that in so obstructing him at every turn they will defeat him in the presidential election of 2020 by electing a Democrat, thus restoring the White House and the country to the rightful owners while they retire comfortably to their accustomed place as the subservient  opposition.

At side of road an idling truck
The hijackers, if they’re in luck
Will find, not as in old, some booze
But boxes full of Gucci shoes
And so the hijacking went down
Election came, and still they frown
The Gucci guys, who shoeless now
Still wonder why and where and how
This interloper stole the pie
That fed them all, like pigs in sty
Who now can only sit and plan
How to take down the hijack man
Does Mitch McConnell want a wall?
Of course he doesn’t, not at all
Does Ryan want Obamacare
Repealed? Not by that vacant stare
Will Trump get his big tax reform?
He won’t despite the perfect storm
Of protest from the voters who
Have never worn a Gucci shoe
They’re unconcerned, the Gucci guys
They know the ways of Nays and Ayes
They smile and sip their whiskey neat
They know that they will keep their seat
Hijack a truck of Gucci shoes?
In New Yorkese they sneer, “Eff Youse”

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