Sunny Italy

The European debt crisis has now hit Italy, with Italian government bond yields reaching the magic seven percent mark, beyond which it becomes nearly impossible for the government to borrow money in the public markets. The absurdity of a common currency for a collection of entirely different European countries with differing economies is now being made plain, and that absurdity is now threatening to bankrupt sovereign countries like Italy, countries that were doing quite nicely, thank you, before the unelected Brussels Eurocrats took the continent over despite opposition from the people of Europe, who have nothing to say about the fascist government in Brussels they now have to live with, and in some cases, die with.



The trattoria where mama cooked

The church where women prayed

In Venice where the hotel looked

Out where gondolas played

In Tuscany the Springtime fields

Shone green beneath the sun

Promising that autumn yields

Bid well for everyone

The roads where Caesar’s legions marched

The Apennines so grand

The tree lined roads so grandly larched

Great food on every hand

One paints the traveler’s lament

In tones of somber hue

A thousand years of culture spent

In days by the EU


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