Basking In The Sunset

Demography is destiny, and every single country in Western Europe has a below replacement birth rate, meaning that when the last native while European dies the land will belong to someone else, no doubt North African and Turkish Muslims. The world has seen many cultures and civilizations wax and wane, but few disappear entirely. And so, while there will always be an England, it just won’t be the England of Drake or Marlowe or Bomber Harris. The Somme is peaceful, and the Ardennes holds only shadowed ghosts among the silent hills and trees. It took a long time to change the worldview of Europeans, who don’t seem to care that their country is about to expire. Catastrophe piled upon catastrophe has a way of clouding not only the future but the past. The United States has not been visited by catastrophe, and the seventy year run of power enjoyed by the American Left has, like the Soviet Union before it, run its inevitable one generation course. The United States will rebound from Obama and his Marxist feminist administration of incompetent crones and children, and will again take control of a world that is, with few exceptions, not prepared or equipped to run anything more complicated than a Neolithic farming community. Let the Europeans forget their history, forget who they are, forget what they accomplished, and bask in the lengthening shadows of a glorious sunset.

Sunset sees the shadows lengthen
And proclaim the end of day
Dusk will see the darkness strengthen
And black night upon us lay
Some will see the new sun bearing
Golden shafts of warming light
Others waken beyond caring
Only to survive the night
Let them rest, enjoy the moment
Basking in the setting sun
Free of strife and war and foment
Let them sleep, their work is done

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