It is amusing to see the Democrat establishment line up and sing in unison, like blackbirds sitting in a tree, tenors, sopranos, contraltos, basses, politicians, press and actors, warbling away like what they sing is meaningful. Let a Muslim shoot up a Christmas party and the cry from the avian chorus is for gun control. Let a Trump call for a temporary restriction of Muslim immigration into the country until we know for certain there are no terrorists among the immigrants the screeching from the tree rises to a crescendo as the Leftist blackbirds simultaneously detonate their suicide vests.

Blackbirds sitting in a tree
Amusing themselves musically
By singing all the songs they’ve learned so well
In summer stock and on the road
At times hushed tones or blackbird code
Don’t watch or listen lest you break the spell
From time to time the singing stops
With fluttered, agitated hops
The chorus changes to an angry screech
For someone’s said a naughty word
And instantly the Leftist bird
Screams what is being said is pure hate speech
When all was said that immigrants
From Muslim countries take thee hence
Until we figure who was friend or foe
You’d think that Trump did recommend
We lay all Muslims end to end
And tag a DOA on each big toe
The blackbirds never change their tune
So shallow, stupid, so jejune
They sing to other blackbirds of their kind
They sit so smugly in their tree
Amusing themselves mightily
Not knowing that real people pay no mind

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