Ichthopogenic Global Warming

The Global Warming/Climate Change conference in Paris has just broken up, with the nations of the world signing on to promises that will lead to national economic suicide, despite the overwhelming evidence that there is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming. The global warming zealots will not give up, though some are now trying to blame the fish. A recent global warming study states that the Atlantic Ocean is witnessing an explosive increase in the number of phytoplankton, an increase caused by the decrease in the number of codfish, with the resulting increase in CO2 released by the phytoplankton responsible for an increase in the danger to the world from global warming. Got that? So now the codfish are to blame for global warming. When the fishermen of the Iberian Peninsula ventured west, beyond the fishing banks off Iceland, they found the cod along the coast of North America so numerous it was said you could walk ashore on the backs of the cod and not get your feet wet. Dried onshore into filets about the size and texture of a slightly edible wooden shingle, the North American cod, their existence held secret for many years, was in many cases the only protein the peasants of Europe could afford. Are we now to believe that by dying off the cod are responsible for global warming? Ichthopogenic? Why not? The planet has been warming for the last eleven thousand years, since the end of the last ice age, with periods of cooling and periods of warming, but always, since then, in the direction of warming. When Leif Ericson sold farmland in Greenland some eleven or twelve hundred years ago, Greenland was free of ice, and now it is covered with a mile thick blanket of the frozen stuff. Global warming, like Marxism, is a religion, and its adherents will not be dissuaded by fact. In the eyes of Obama et al, we are heretics, and they are preparing the auto de fe.

The wood is heaped, the match is struck
And such as we are out of luck
The flames are licking at our shoes
The winners win and losers lose
But phytoplankton save the day
They bloom and are again in play
And soon the sea is filled with cod
And walk we shall to shore dry shod

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