Boola Boola

To continue the insanity now infecting our college campuses, the flap at Yale is different from the protests at Missouri in that the Yale disgrace was not racially motivated, but driven by elitist white paternalism. The protests started with a Hallowe’en photo showing faculty members dressed in Mexican sombreros, a photo that resulted in a firestorm of invective and outrage by the mostly elitist white students who claimed the photo was hurtful to the sensibilities of students of Hispanic descent, and was not to be tolerated, claiming that the photo denigrated as well all minorities, who did not deserve to have their feelings hurt. Some ugly words were directed at various faculty, cast about by yuppie white students from affluent Connecticut suburbs, who believe they stand between the inferior students from low-income families and a racist and insensitive faculty, each one of whom, incidentally, being uniformly elitist Lefties themselves would slit their wrists before being racist or insensitive. One wonders if those inferior affirmative action students from low-income families feel they are being condescended to.

A photo of some very large sombreros
Depicting Hallowe’en by faux toreros
Elicited outrage from Yalie yuppies
Who screamed it did offend the little puppies
Whose sensibilities were made to suffer
And thus made all their lives a good deal rougher
The yuppies pride themselves on being noble
And coming to the aid of those less mobile
Minority kids wondered why a Yalie
Would be outraged while condescending daily

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