The Last Muzzein Call

The military style ISIS attacks on Paris Friday evening should, but probably won’t, convince the EU weenies that throwing open the borders to hundreds of thousands of ISIS fighters posing as refugee immigrants is the road to national suicide. The European Left will not change, and things will get progressively worse, with larger and larger attacks across Europe, culminating in a rising of the uncowed European population and the killing or forcible deportation of every Muslim man, woman and child in Europe. ISIS exults in its victories over unarmed civilians, but is unaware that the White Man, when his blood is up, is the most ferocious killer the planet has ever seen. The day will come, and shortly come, when the Middle East will return to desert, and the few surviving Muslim women will lament in keening anguish at what their menfolk had unleashed.

The Muslim kills the old and weak
The unarmed, unaware
And laughing, bids the dead to speak
In Infidel god’s care
A concert in a Paris hall
An old man on a cruise
Shoppers in a gun free mall
The Kurds, the Christian Druze
They do not see the raven flocks
Gather in the skies
Waiting for the ticking clocks
To feast upon the eyes
Of dead young men in bearded pride
Who lie in peaceful death
Horizon to horizon wide
And now belong to Seth
The god of the black burning sand
That now consumes them all
Dead at the rage fierce White Man’s hand
At the last muzzein call

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