Breaching The Dikes

Huma has apparently inadvertently copied all of Hillary’s emails onto Anthony Weiner’s laptop, a position normally occupied by fifteen years old girls. We do not yet know if this massive 600,000 or so emails contains the 30,000 emails deleted by Clinton by BleachBit, but the FBI surely knows. As the political dikes protecting and enabling Hillary Clinton crumble under the flood waters of wiki leaks, and the FBI announces it is conducting a serious investigation into the criminal enterprise known as the Clinton Foundation with an indictment likely, the probability that Hillary and Huma will be fitted for matching orange pantsuits by a jury is now upon us. So we pass from breaching the dikes to breeching the dykes.

Nothing rhymes with orange so they say
And pantsuits of that color make the day
Seem lonely and forlorn behind steel bars
Where no one but the jailors see the stars
But what of Bill you ask and well you might
He was a part of it, though out of sight
He profited from Hillary’s big play
To sell top secrets in a brand new way
Just put them on a server to be hacked
And watch the cash roll in to be high stacked
From China and Iran to name a few
And never to be caught though many knew
Barack for one who sent her mail as well
And AG Lynch who swore she’d never tell
They had her back and all was peachy keen
Until courageous agents got real mean
And said they would not bow and break their oath
So now bright orange pantsuits for them both

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