The Land Of Ancient Lore

The 2016 presidential election is not an anomaly, it is part and parcel of the madness now afflicting the country. Not the corruption or the vilification of the enemy, those are normal to politics. The madness is the raging hatred of the left half of the country for their countrymen and their country. A civilization rises and falls on a longer time scale than the tide, but is otherwise tidal in nature. The rising tide of a civilization creeps slowly upon the shore, gaining momentum as it ages, to crest at its high water mark, where it lingers for a time before beginning the slow descent to the sea, always leaving behind faint traces of its former presence. It is not a coincidence that the tides of the sea are governed by the moon, for the tides of man are also governed by the moon, in the form of civilizational madness. The United States, and much of the West, is now at slack water, at the beginning of the civilizational madness that engulfs it, and which will lead inevitably to its destruction and disappearance. I am reminded of Shackleton’s crew, trapped in the ice, loading the ships’ boats with desks and chairs and curtains and dragging them across the ice until they died, afflicted with the madness of lead poisoning. That is where we are. The country is afflicted with the madness of open orders and massive illegal immigration by third world people, by feminism, social justice and campus radicalism that drowns out the real crises converging on us all unawares and all uncomprehending, so absorbed are we with the rights of people to determine their gender by what they feel rather than by biology, by the rights of perverts to shower with little girls, by the criminalization of personal choice that conflicts with the madness, the deliberate and incessant feminization of the culture and the people, and the pervasive charges of racism hurled at all who dare to question. On our university campuses black students demand to be segregated into safe spaces apart from those fiercely racist whites, where the Ten Commandments and the Pledge of Allegiance are hate speech and where flying the American flag is hateful aggression. Once the madness comes, once the slide into madness and anarchy begins, it cannot be stopped, until the tidal cycle is complete and we are again as one with the black-dark sea.

So silent and unmoving the dark sea will welcome home
The voyager who leapt the shingled shore
And rose to heights unseen on Earth since days of ancient Rome
And shone a light to burn forevermore
Who traveled to the planets and bestrode the sands of Mars
And builded they great cities of pure gold
Then reached with eager hands to grasp the fiery distant stars
That now, in madness, seem so dark and cold
Forgotten now the monoliths of steel, bright mirror clad
That shadowed city streets and scraped the sky
Forgotten now their builders by the populace gone mad
Forgotten now the wonder and the why
As in retreat the tide recedes and carries all before
Yet traces of what used to be remain
As books and photographs of what once was litter the shore
To fade and crumble in the wintry rain
The black-dark sea now welcomes us into her cold embrace
To join in madness those who’ve gone before
And climbed the shingled beach to reach the heights of honored place
To pass into the land of ancient lore

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