Cabbage Soup

In Chinatown the other day I ran into an old friend, Mee Hung Lo, and he said Snowden went to Hong Kong because he loved cabbage soup with cellophane noodles, and not because of any desire to give US secrets to China and Russia. He did admit, however, that since China was the center of the universe it stood to reason that all computer traffic should be routed through Beijing.

“Is all of piece,” he smiled and said
“Remember some long time
The Falcon and the Snowman they
Committed perfect crime
For Soviets they work and so
For long time they no caught
And now another Snowman comes
And who knows who has bought
This Snowden Snowman and who has
Employed him in a place
Where secrets flowed like hot green tea
Into his working space”
“An inside job,” I said at last
“And though suspicions mount
Barack’s appointees swing hard left
Too many thus to count”
With enigmatic smile he turned
And slowly walked away
And said, “As fortune cookie says,
The snow may come today
For snowmen stand for little while
When sun begin to shine
But Chinese patience knows that soon
On cabbage soup all dine

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