The Hegemon

The Middle East is aflame, the torch applied by the Obama administration’s embrace of America haters like the Muslim Brotherhood, an embrace that has turned the region over to al Qaeda. The Obama administration has driven a bloody stake through the heart of the United States, and in its intended process of killing a free society in order to turn it into a radical left mirror image of their distorted selves, has let loose the fiery legions of hell, who with unchecked laughter and unconcealed insolence, are even now preparing the final immolation of the Middle East and of an inept and malevolent Obama administration.

The hegemon has hedged its bets
“Let’s not” has now become, “Sure, let’s”
Once stern “Not nows” are now “Why nots”
And simmerings now boiling pots
The hegemon at journey’s end
A weakling ghost without a friend
A White House cased in bubbled hope
With staffers unprepared to cope
Incompetence at every turn
A children’s room where none will learn
But is it all just artful guile?
Demise intended all the while?
Elected we a man unknown
Who now believes that Caesar’s throne
Is his by right of knighted birth
Where color is a man’s true worth
And honesty a foolish dream
The highest art a winked at scheme
Oh yes the hegemon is dead
The heart thrust stake a bloody red

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