True Is False And False Is True

The Radical Left has redefined the dictionary, where words no longer mean what they used to mean.  Truth is now falsity and falsity is now truth. Everything is now reversed. The government tells us that we are in a contracting expansion in the midst of a jobless recovery. We are told that borrowing one trillion dollars every year does not mean we have a spending problem. The government fixes, massages, manipulates and otherwise distorts the truth to show that the inflation rate and the jobless rate are much lower than they really are. But that is normal operating procedure for the Left. Words are simply another weapon in the Left’s never ending war against us.


Blue is red and red is blue

True is false and false is true

Wise is stupid, stupid’s wise

Lies are truths and truths are lies

White is black and black is white

Night is day and day is night

We cannot speak, or have our say

There’s nothing real, it’s all for play

Do as you’re told, we know what’s best

And now we lay you down to rest