Cease Fire – The View From Israel

The cease fire between Israel and the Muslim terrorist organization Hamas is a sham and everyone knows it. Hillary flew in, interrupting her wine tasting tour of Australia, and handed President Morsi of Egypt a bucket of money to call off his dogs and everyone smiled for the camera. Another triumph for the most incompetent, venal administration this country has ever seen. Israel knows the cease fire is just hudna, the Muslim tactic of calling for a truce so they can re-arm and reorganize. The rockets will fly again, and soon, and the whole thing starts again. But Israel knows the main enemy is Iran, and if Obama succeeds in helping Iran get the bomb, then Israel is faced with the choice of another six million dead Jews, or destroying the Middle East in a thermonuclear holocaust. Here is the cease fire as viewed by Israel.


Of Morsi’s ploy we’re well aware

Hamas will not sit in a chair

Cease fires last a day or two at most

And then the rockets fly again

And when that happens we will then

See to it that Hamas is turned to toast

The world we know and understand

Insists we give the Arabs land

And after that the peace will surely reign

But we know better and it’s clear

The world at large has much to fear

For when we’ve had enough we’ll inflict pain

Not just Hamas but Riyadh too

And Teheran to name a few

And when it comes there’s no one gets a pass

Iran prepares to kill us all

But when we choose to make the call

We’ll shove their false cease fires up their ass


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