Harakhty And The Pharaoh

President Mohamed Morsi, legally elected, has announced he has assumed all power in Egypt, pretty much as another legally elected head of state, Adolf Hitler, assumed all power in Germany. The difference between them is that Hitler only called himself Fuhrer, or Leader, and Morsi no doubt thinks of himself as Pharaoh. And of course, as Pharaoh, Morsi will have his favorite gods by his side. My favorite Egyptian god is Re-Harakhty, Horus of the Horizon, so called because, as a falcon, he is seen every dawn soaring high over the hills, pretty much as Morsi intends to soar high over Egypt, no doubt with Obama’s blessing. But we shall see. The Egyptian army might have something to say about that. But then, that’s what everyone said about the German army.


Some gods were born, while others died

Like Jupiter and Seth

But Horus lives though many tried

To bring Harakhty’s death

But he in Morsi liveth still

At dawn he may be seen

Come soaring over nearby hill

His wings and flags bright green

A Pharaoh’s bird the falcon soars

Delighted to be free

As Morsi trods Egyptian shores

The lord of land and sea


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