The Color Of Blood

We are witnessing the beginning of the long awaited clash of civilizations. Europe is stirring, closing borders against the Muslim invaders. The elites in Brussels still don’t see it, but the common people do, and they are ready for revolution. And when it comes, the revolution will be the color of blood. Civilizations are founded by, and sustained by, men with weapons, who have the will and skill to use them. Nothing else matters, because without hard men with hard weapons nothing good will happen to you. Was Rome built by dancers and lute players? It was not. Rome was built by men with edged weapons, and because of them the dancers and lute players flourished. The United States was born in the fire of armed conflict, as was every other successful civilized nation state. The Democratic Party, the feminists, the leftist political activists, the greens, the gay mafia and others of the left, desire a more feminized country, and they have succeeded in that goal. But a revolution is stirring as the majority of put upon Americans have quietly said “Enough!” In Europe the ground is moving under the feet of the Brussels puppet masters who have invited millions of unassimilable young third world Muslim men into the continent, and disarmed European men are finding weapons. There will be blood, and much of it, before it is over. The clash of civilizations is here, and despite all the happy talk from our leftist leaders, we will not escape it. Fortunately, we have some very hard and very well armed men available, and Europe will find hers. Armed European men did not rule the world for hundreds of years by accident. The weapons change, but the men do not.

The West has been weakened by internal doubt
The danger comes both from within and without
The battle will not be by Queensbury rules
It’s blood till the piper is paid
At first by the liter, then measured in tons
The blood of the patriot and of his sons
Flows thickly in streams into deep red-rimed pools
His children need not be afraid
The Muslim will fight, for they see now the chance
To conquer the lands where the faerie queens dance
And settle old scores of Lepanto and Spain
And Andalus theirs once again
The missiles will fly and the cities will burn
Teheran and Berlin and then Mecca in turn
To blood and to tears and to agonized pain
But still it comes down to hard men
And when it’s all over it’s time to repay
The treacherous leaders who brought us this day
The leftists who thought of themselves not the state
And set off the flowing of blood
The mobs tracked them down through the dark Brussels streets
While here in the States mobs tracked down the elites
And when they were done they had wiped clean the slate
And the red flowing streams ceased to flood

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