Mob Boss

The Clinton Foundation is part of a criminal organization based in the home of Bill and Hillary Clinton in Chappaqua, New York. It was in this house in Chappaqua that the now infamous unsecured and illegal private server was installed in order to prevent any outsiders from seeing the communications between Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, her underlings and satellite mob bosses. When questions began to be asked she deleted thirty thousand emails relating to the pay for play game in which foreign governments like China and Saudi Arabia gave tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation in return for access to Hillary’s privately run US State Department. Governments and individuals gave money to Hillary and Bill through the phony money laundering Clinton Foundation charity; a foreign national gave five million dollars just for a meeting with the US ambassador to Lebanon. What did he get for his five million dollars? What did China and Saudi Arabia get for their tens of millions? We will know when the hackers release the emails that Hillary thought she had destroyed forever. I spoke to Bill Clinton, her consigliere, despite his law license being revoked, and he smiled and said he was confident nothing would be revealed, and if Hillary won the election nothing would ever be revealed. I’m not so sure. I’m waiting for those hacked emails.

There’s nothing there, Bill Clinton said
And chuckled as he did
They’ll never touch her pretty head
And though I like to kid
I’m serious about the lies
That daily come from Fox
That classified docs make us spies
And other stuff that shocks
Me to the core when I see how
She works so gosh darn hard
To see that things are better now
Right here in our backyard
I have no fear that hackers might
Release some emails soon
Most likely on a Friday night
Beneath a waning moon
These charges all roll off our skin
Like water off a duck
So let the FBI begin
They won’t have no more luck
Than Comey had with our friend Lynch
With us all things are free
We beat all raps, this one’s a cinch
We’re Clintons, don’t you see

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