Creepy Crawly

While we look beyond our borders for the threat, unnoticed and unseen, the threat has bored from within. The Fort Hood muslim killer of unarmed soldiers was an American citizen, an officer in the United States Army, who went not unnoticed for his anti-American political views, but untouched and untroubled by the authorities because he was muslim. Political correctness cost over a dozen innocent people their lives. The Times Square bomber was an naturalized Ameican citizen, a muslim from Pakistan. Today the FBI raided houses on Long Island and in New Jersey. They are here, the jihadis, here among us, waiting for the call.   



They slink and they slither

They creep and they crawl

They live in the sewers

Awaiting the call

They answer to allah

The wise and the pure

To infidel evil

They have now the cure

The pipe bomb, the fire

The car bomb, the gun

Muhammad commands it

And so must be done

A grade school in Russia

Schoolgirls in Afghan

They kill and they slaughter

Wherever they can

And now they are here

In our midst, smiling nice

They know with PC

That we’ll soon pay the price

The question is when

Will the muslim threat cease

The answer: When rid

The religion of peace



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