The Hall of Mirrors glittered with candles and beautiful women. Louis danced to the applause of the courtiers, while outside, unheeded by those inside, the people were preparing the tumbrels that would take them all to the guillotine. And so Washington, trapped in its own version of Versailles, is sublimely unaware of the crisis coming down on us. The euro is about to collapse, Afghanistan is about to collapse back into Taliban tyranny, the Middle East is now in the hands of radical Islamists, Iran is about to get the bomb, Israel is about to prevent Iran from getting the bomb, and the Obama administration dances to the music only it hears, in its own candlelit hall of mirrors. The only thing missing is the guillotine.



Today, while writing verse I

Tried for words to rhyme with Versailles

But as things got worse and worse I

Finally gave up with a sigh

And turned my thoughts to Greece and

Argonauts and Golden Fleece and

Now there’s riots and police and

Time to say to Greece goodbye

As for Nicolas Sarkozy

Who once thought all things are rosy

No one voiced the thought, suppose he

Lost his next election try

Madame Merkel thought to straighten

Out the problems while she’s waitin’

For the Greeks to stop the bait ‘n

Switch that made her want to cry

While the dollar we’re debasing

And destruction we are facing

Same sex marriage is what’s racing

To the forefront in Versailles



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