Duelling Press Conferences

President Obam and Secretary of State John Kerry joyfully announced a terrific deal with Iran, one that will stop them from getting nuclear weapons. The problem is the deal leaves Iran with its stockpile of enriched uranium intact and all its centrifuges running, enriching more every day. On top of that the deal leaves all enrichment facilities standing, with no outside oversight. To get this triumph Obama and Kerry removed the economic sanctions just as they were beginning to severely hamper the Iranian economy. The Iranians immediately bragged how they had rolled the Americans and that the deal in no way interfered with their goal of acquiring nuclear weapons with which they intend to kill all the Jews. So we are left with dueling press conferences. Who is telling the truth? I’m going with the Iranians on this one.

The White House:
We have a deal
One based on trust
We think a steal
But not discussed

We got our way
We got it big
And now you’ll pay
You satan’s pig

We stand alone
But we shall fight
What they have sown
They’ll reap in fright

On with the game
That’s what they say
No one to blame
That’s hockey, eh?

How déjà-vu
So Munich so
We’ll muddle through
We’re Brits you know

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