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Duelling Press Conferences

President Obam and Secretary of State John Kerry joyfully announced a terrific deal with Iran, one that will stop them from getting nuclear weapons. The problem is the deal leaves Iran with its stockpile of enriched uranium intact and all its centrifuges running, enriching more every day. On top of that the deal leaves all enrichment facilities standing, with no outside oversight. To get this triumph Obama and Kerry removed the economic sanctions just as they were beginning to severely hamper the Iranian economy. The Iranians immediately bragged how they had rolled the Americans and that the deal in no way interfered with their goal of acquiring nuclear weapons with which they intend to kill all the Jews. So we are left with dueling press conferences. Who is telling the truth? I’m going with the Iranians on this one.

The White House:
We have a deal
One based on trust
We think a steal
But not discussed

We got our way
We got it big
And now you’ll pay
You satan’s pig

We stand alone
But we shall fight
What they have sown
They’ll reap in fright

On with the game
That’s what they say
No one to blame
That’s hockey, eh?

How déjà-vu
So Munich so
We’ll muddle through
We’re Brits you know

Playing With Fire

The muslims continue to play with fire. Iran has announced it was ready to test a nuclear device. Turkey says it will ship arms to the Palestinians in Gaza and defies Israel to stop them. Assad sends armed civilians to storm the fences at the Israeli border, causing the Israeli to open fire, all to inflame the likes of the New York Times, which is anti-Israel to begin with. And so the Arabs and Iranians continue to poke sticks in the eyes of the West and Israel, knowing that for the moment at least it is quite safe to do. But it will not always be quite so safe. There always comes a time when a stick in the eye is finally responded to, and when the response comes it will be more than a stick in a muslim eye. It will be a stake in the muslim heart. And they do not seem to understand that playing with fire is dangerous.



The child is told that fire burns

The lesson stressed until he learns

But some kids never get it right

They’re drawn to flame, the burning light

They play with fire, it’s a game

And if they lose it’s all the same

There are kids living on our block

Who play the game around the clock

Assad for one, the mullahs too

Who poke their sticks, annoy the Jew

They strut and shout they’ll kill us all

And turn life to a darkened pall

We tell them we want only peace

We tell them that their games must cease

But they do not, and so they’ll learn

That games with fire means they’ll burn



The Seeders Of Lebanon

Lebanon is careening toward civil war again, this time between muslim factions, Iranian backed Hezbollah and a Syrian backed militia called Al-Abash. Street fighting is taking place as Syria attempts to regain control of Lebanon, taken over by Iran and Hezbollah a few years ago. But there is more at stake here than Lebanon. Syria is showing it is back in the game, and is the Sunni regional power that all other Sunni states in the region can rally around as Iran flexes its muscles. With the Obama administration committed to surrender, the region is trembling, waiting for the match to light the fuse. The seeds of war have been sown, and will very soon be reaped.



In Lebanon street battles rage

As Hezbollah exits the stage

And Syria resumes control

And Sunni gangs now do patrol

The very streets the Shiites thought

Were theirs and so they were distraught

To find themselves again at war

With Sunnis who would like the score

To be reversed to favor them

But who will rule that little gem?

The seeds of war are sprouting fast

The wakeful know the die is cast



The Center Of Gravity

War consists of the destruction of the enemy’s center of gravity. When the Japanese government decided on war with the United States, the first order of business was the destruction of the United States Pacific Fleet, based at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  To the Japanese, the US Pacific Fleet was the center of gravity, and had to be destroyed if Japan was to move south, to Indo-China, to the Philippines, Borneo and the Dutch East Indies, all areas Japan would need to conquer and control if Japan was to continue the war. And yet we seem not to understand the concept of center of gravity in the war on radical Islam. The center of gravity is Iran, not Afghanistan. Afghanistan is a side-show. Nothing important can be accomplished there, no matter how many Taliban we kill, or how many of our soldiers are sacrificed in an unnecessary theater. 


0600 hours, Sunday, 7 December 1941


Dawn in the Pacific can be inexpressibly beautiful, but this dawn wasn’t.  Overcast, a fresh northeast trade wind, moderate sea.  But it was beautiful indeed to Admiral Nagumo.  His Pearl Harbor Striking Force had sailed for ten days, through waters where at any moment he might chance upon a ship, and had reached the launching point, miraculously unseen and unheard, 275 miles north of Pearl Harbor.


Gray dawn lights the darkened ships

Gray-green seas dash ‘gainst the bows

Bugles rise to moistened lips

Sailors think on sacred vows

On Akagi Nagumo waits

And then it comes, a distant speck

The signal flag to tempt the fates

And airplanes roll the sea-stained deck

Into the air as one by one

Into the wind they wag their wings

Rising, they begin their run

Living, breathing, deadly things

Shipmates cheer Banzai! Banzai!

As noise filled decks come quiet strange

Kates and Zeros fill the sky

And Vals bring Pearl in bomber range

The Afghan hills stand silent, still

No carriers, no Vals, no Zekes

The Taliban knows every hill

The valleys, trails and mountain peaks

There’s nothing there worth dying for

The enemy is in Teheran

Who still insist on trying for

The weapon that will make Iran

The center of the world wide fight

As Islam storms our very gates

While we sleep soundly through the night

Unseeing Islam’s Zekes and Kates