Feminist Warriors

Fanatical feminists are outraged that a fanatical feminist who assaulted a peaceful student holding a Pro-Life sign was charged by the authorities with assault. And at Berkeley no less, where the Right has heretofore always been wrong. To a feminist the mere suggestion that abortion is wrong is enough to cause rage and nausea and temporary insanity, during which a feminist has every right to do bodily harm anyone who infuriates her.

These mad feminists are eerie
They believe they’re a Valkyrie
Fighting for the noble right to kill a child
Just a word will drive them potsy
Give them armbands they’re a Nazi
To say anything pro-life just drives them wild
Mention math is to belittle
Such their mouths are frothing spittle
And the picture of a baby leads to rage
They are full of rage and fury
They are both the judge and jury
Just ignore them all and quickly turn the page

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