They’re Just Too Damned Annoying

A homosexual group has just gotten the CEO of Mozilla, Brendan Eich, fired because he didn’t agree with their view on same sex marriage, and another group has demanded three billion dollars from Google so they could establish a city in the woods for people who want to live a life free of care. It never ends. There’s a reason that, throughout history, dissidents and activists and trouble makers have been exiled, jailed or executed, and that reason had nothing to do with their being a danger to the peace of the realm, but because after a while they just become too damned annoying.

I tell you Max, the Crown Prince said
They’re underneath my skin
They claim our god is good as dead
With no such thing as sin
Before you know they’ll next demand
Three billion in hard cash
What makes them think I’ve that on hand
‘Twould empty out my stash
And yet, my Lord, good Max replied
These young folks have a point
They know they’re here for just the ride
Have sex and smoke a joint
And you should know, just yesterday
Came something you’ll not like
Some pretty boys, festive and gay
Dismissed your Mister Eich
A pox upon those festive blades
The Crown Prince cried in wrath
They doth annoy me, do these jades
Remove them from my path!
And so it is through years of time
That activists have fared
Annoying us may be no crime
And yet they should be scared

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