Fewer But Better

Faced with the coming tsunami of Republican votes this mid-term, President Obama has declared that the Democrat party will be stronger than ever since it will be reduced to the bare bones true believers. Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, from Lenin, who stated the communist party was better off with fewer but better people. Does Obama have the same thing in mind that Lenin had? Given Obama’s communist parents and communist mentors, it is not an implausible thought. And what about Axelrod’s statement that we should stay up all night election night and see what happens? Faced with a debacle, is Obama and friends about to turn the artillery dangerously close to their own troops in an effort to save themselves?



Obama is following right to the letter

Lenin’s sweet call for the fewer but better

For Lenin and Marx are his true early mentors

Strong horses, both gods, they were real life true centaurs

Bestriding the land of the serfs and the peasants

Promising much, giving workers nice presents

Like gulags and genocide, show trials and hunger

And death for the old to make room for the younger

The Stavka, Beria, a dank filthy prison

All praise to the Stalin for whom the sun’s risen

Yes fire the guns, TOT for effect mate

For soon will the voters affirm your reject date

We cling to our guns and religion and blindness

We fail to see greatness unlike the sheer mindless

Old Lefties you feel will hurrah come to save you

And keep for you power those same mindless gave you



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