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The Red And The Black

The greatest disaster of the Twentieth Century was World War 1, a war that saw entire generations of young men die for no discernible reason, a war that saw the end of European civilization and the end of five empires, a war that saw the rise of Hitler and Stalin, and the bloodbath of World War 2, from which the world has not as yet recovered. Yet it is always fascinating to wonder what would have happened had Hitler won his war against Stalin. What we do know is that millions of men died for two of the worst evils ever to befall humanity, Communism and Naziism.



Still dark on the morning of 22 June

The guns lit the sky with false dawn

And men in feldgrau singing gaily marched east

As the black met the red daggers drawn

They died by the millions for what you may ask

Beyond the sheer will of the men

Who set them afoot in the land of the dead

And would, if we let them, again

The red and the black both are dead and are gone

No memories are there for the young

The nations they died for are dim in the mists

And only the sad songs are sung


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Fewer But Better

Faced with the coming tsunami of Republican votes this mid-term, President Obama has declared that the Democrat party will be stronger than ever since it will be reduced to the bare bones true believers. Where have we heard this before? Oh yes, from Lenin, who stated the communist party was better off with fewer but better people. Does Obama have the same thing in mind that Lenin had? Given Obama’s communist parents and communist mentors, it is not an implausible thought. And what about Axelrod’s statement that we should stay up all night election night and see what happens? Faced with a debacle, is Obama and friends about to turn the artillery dangerously close to their own troops in an effort to save themselves?



Obama is following right to the letter

Lenin’s sweet call for the fewer but better

For Lenin and Marx are his true early mentors

Strong horses, both gods, they were real life true centaurs

Bestriding the land of the serfs and the peasants

Promising much, giving workers nice presents

Like gulags and genocide, show trials and hunger

And death for the old to make room for the younger

The Stavka, Beria, a dank filthy prison

All praise to the Stalin for whom the sun’s risen

Yes fire the guns, TOT for effect mate

For soon will the voters affirm your reject date

We cling to our guns and religion and blindness

We fail to see greatness unlike the sheer mindless

Old Lefties you feel will hurrah come to save you

And keep for you power those same mindless gave you



Good Old Uncle Joe

A quite substantial number of Obama people working in the White House are now, and have been for some time, admitted communists who greatly admire Stalin and Mao and every other murderous commie tyrant who ever lived. A portrait of Mao was hung lovingly on the Obama White House Christmas tree. An Obama appointee cheerfully and unashamedly admitted she was a great admirer of that great philosopher Mao Tse Dung. Obama’s parents were communists, and as a boy they sent him to a communist mentor, so it is no wonder the Obama administration is filled with communists. Somehow it has escaped the notice of Obama and his people that Joe Stalin is dead. Not only that, but they are truly puzzled why people should question their loyalty to Stalin and Mao and the murderous communist philosophy they espoused. After all, didn’t those hundred million people die for a good cause?    



I don’t know why you take on so

There’s nothing wrong with Uncle Joe

A killer, yes, that’s understood

But he killed for a greater good

A better life for all mankind

A death or two, no never mind

And what about our friend Pol Pot

And all the praiseful press he got

From fawning journalists who said

There’s none in killing fields who’s dead

Or Mao Tse Dung our Chinese friend

Who brought to an untimely end

Some sixty million Chinese lives

And each one greeted by high fives

By people such as O and Ayers

Who mention Mao in all their prayers

And lovingly at Christmas place

On Christmas tree Mao’s smiling face

Yes Joe and Pot and Mao Tse Dung

Have climbed the ladder rung by rung

A ladder O began to climb

Those slippery rungs just filled with slime

And now he’s at the very top

With none who have the means to stop

The killing that will surely come

When marching to the Marxist drum



The Ideologue

President Obama has famously declared that he is not an ideologue. Of course he would say that, of course he would honestly believe that. He honestly believes he is not an ideologue, for to the left, the only ideologues are on the right. To a leftist, whatever he believes is truth with a capital T, and so cannot be partisan ideology by definition. The left believes with all its heart that the world would be a far, far better place if we would all just stop resisting and let them run things. It doesn’t matter to people like Barack Obama that wherever and whenever the Left has come to power there follows, as inevitably the morning follows night, murder and misery on a vast scale. Stalin murdered sixty million of his own people, Hitler murdered tens of millions of others, Pol Pot murdered one third of the people of Cambodia, Mao Tse Tung murdered a hundred million Chinese, and none of it matters because, to the Left, it was all done in a good cause.



You can’t be an ideologue

If you are of the Left

It’s only right wing maniacs

Of horns and hooven cleft

Who scream with spittle drooling down

And stomp upon the stage

Glennbecklike in their bulging eyes

Just filled with rurious fage

We lefties on the other hand

With calm collected mien

Have problems not with what we do

When we come on the scene

We hack right off the little arms

Of vaccinated kids

With ovens and gas chambers for

Those gross sub-human yids

We won’t allow to drill for oil

On land, so far at sea

A blown out well cannot be capped

You can’t blame that on me

We don’t believe in self defense

We think force is a crime

We don’t believe the sun heats Earth

It’s us who move the clime

We don’t believe that folks should work

For home and daily bread

Much better that they look to us

The government, instead

I could go on, the list is long

Of right wing wrong and sin

But why, there is no point to such

They’re out and we are in