For Friends Like These

It is being reported that the FBI is looking into allegations that American citizens of Somali ancestry are involved in the attack on the Nairobi mall. Eric Holder has turned the FBI into a criminal organization, a political tool of the anti-American anti-Israel Obama administration. It is clear to most observers that Mr Holder will shortly announce that the Mossad was behind the whole thing, and that the president is urging the UN to blah blah blah.

The FBI will soon report
And Obama will then deport
The miscreants involved in murder wide
He’ll give them all the old heave-ho
And send them where they want to go
With whispered smiles to say he’s on their side
The Mossad though will get some grief
How dare they rush to the relief
Of upscale people shopping out the day
While poor downtrodden Kenyan folks
Live out their days just sipping cokes
And dreaming how to drive the whites away
And by the way, Obama smiles
Did not the Kenyans travel miles
To murder poor al Qaeda chaps at work
With al Shabab I stand, he scowls
Despite the critics and the howls
For friends like these I’m bound no task to shirk

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