The Pivot

White House flacks are making the rounds of the talk shows exclaiming with great excitement that Obama has pulled off the most ingenious, most glorious political victory of a hundred generations by getting Putin to take possession of the Syrian WMDs. Obama is now free to pivot in a new political direction, the threat of force having played its part in Putin’s and Assad’s surrender. The flacks chortle with glee, but the sad fact is it was Obama who surrendered, and is now Putin’s sock puppet, though the lapdog media will no doubt scream a famous Obama victory. But we know better, don’t we.

Golfer Barry loves the pivot
Though each swing brings forth a divot
And with luck we’ll all outlive it
With the clubhouse far away
Partner Putin’s on the green now
Down in three his game is keen now
Putin’s muscles can be seen now
And it’s time for us to pray

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