Fourth Of July

It saddens me to know that I am a minority in my own country, that I am of the remaining few who know what it is we celebrate on the Fourth of July. The Left has succeeded in erasing the history of the United States by the simple process of gaining control of the educational system. Public school kids are not taught the history of the United States any longer, and if you are not told in school about the Declaration of Independence or the Revolution or the Civil War or the great waves of European immigrants who came here for freedom and opportunity, then those things never existed. They are told, however, that the United States committed genocide against the indigenous inhabitants of a land we stole from them, that the Founding Fathers were slave owners and the greatest evil in the world is an unfettered United States. Not that it matters very much, for in measurable time the history of the United States, thanks to the Democratic Party, will be written in Spanish.

When I walk out my kitchen door
And smell the cool, clean earth
And hear the breeze rustle the trees
I know our Country’s birth
Was like a shining light from God
To others locked in chains
Who came here for a better life
And filled the fertile plains
With farms and kids and stalwart men
Who made the Country great
We welcomed those who knocked upon
The shining freedom gate
But now I look upon my home
My Country, in despair
And see the Founders would today
Have nothing to declare

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