Gay Marriage And The Islamic State

A New York Times writer, ecstatic at the Supreme Court ruling ordering all 50 states to permit gay marriage, claims that the US now has the moral high ground, and that gay marriage will defeat ISIS because gay marriage shows them how superior we are to them. Such is the fantasy world we live in. We live now in a nation where neither words nor the Constitution has meaning. A nation where the will of the people is tossed aside by judges who rule not on the law but as it suits their personal prejudices. In measurable time there will be no United States recognizable to any citizen born in the 20th century.

The world is burning ‘fore our eyes
The White House rainbow colored gay
And so it marches, no surprise
The Left wins every single day
What happens when two men demand
A churchly wedding to be held
A choir gay and all girl band
Puffed rice thrown and joyous belled
Refuse them on religious grounds
And officers quick step arrive
The pastor being out of bounds
And told to preach dead or alive
The law requires him to bless
A marriage that’s against his will
On pain of jail he must confess
That mentally he’s very ill
A bigot and a hate-filled scum
And to the scaffold he is led
The tap tap of the muffled drum
Pronouncing hard won freedom dead
No longer do we live by law
But by the keening oppressed cries
Of those believing one last straw
Will see our country quiet dies

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