Friends For Sale

President Obama addresses the White House press corps on his latest initiative to bring peace to the Middle East. When pressed, he admitted his policy consists of throwing our friends under the bus.



Throwing people under the bus?

Goodness gracious that’s not us

Although it’s true that we, by golly

Will throw our friends under the trolley

It’s all a matter of style, you see

A graceful act of civility

We’re noted for our kind attacks

That’s why we like those trolley tracks

Iran’s our bosom buddy now

So peace will come, we’ll show you how

We have a lot of friends to sell

We’ll give them Israel as well

They’ll have the bomb, but that’s all right

At least we all can sleep at night

Excuse me please, there goes the phone

What’s that you say, they’ve gone alone?

Teheran is gone, Damascus too?

Now ain’t that like a dirty Jew

They’ve gone without a nod from us

And threw us all under the bus



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