Get Out Of Our Hair

The Obama administration cannot help itself, it cannot keep its hands off our lives. They tell us what to feed our kids, they tell us carbon, the very building block of life on earth is deadly harmful and we should stop exhaling CO2, they pat down buxom women and old men at airports while letting bearded young Arab males pass through screening without hindrance, they punish those who disagree. But that is the modus operandi of the Left. They are our betters and they will tell us what to do and what to think and insist we thank them for looking after us, for they know better than us because they are the Left, and if you are of the Left, then by definition you are better than those who are not of the Left.  



Some things we know are proper

Some necessary, too

Some things are both, but this we know

Sometimes it isn’t true

The government, says Holder

Is here to help us all

But helper or as scolder?

I’ll let you make the call

The Left would dip their fingers

Into our very souls

And tell us what our kids can put

Into their breakfast bowls

They warn us not to breathe and fill

The air with CO2

They know what’s good for us and shove it

Up the old kazoo

They say they do it for our good

They say it’s being fair

I say just leave us all alone

And get out of our hair


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