Getting To Choose

The Chinese, the world’s number one polluters, have told the Global Warming delegates in Copenhagen that they will not be bound by nor will they abide by any carbon emission restrictions set up by the UN or anybody else, but will take their share of the trillions of dollars of Western money the UN is eager to transfer to those less fortunate, or less able, or less honest. China therefore puts the whole thing squarely in cynical perspective: the UN is run by the Third World kleptocracies and thugocracies, all of them eager to suck at the golden teat of Western wealth, and they have seized on the Global Warming scam started by Al Gore and his friends to get it. Since the earth is currently cooling and not warming, maybe cooler heads will prevail and Al and the rest of the scam artists will be put in jail.



The Chinese are a clever race

They say they’re all ‘bout saving face

And so they’ll never tell a lie

Not even kidding on the sly

They say upfront they only care

To do the only thing that’s fair

And what is fair to them, God knows

Is that their land and money grows

So that is why they’ll sell us goods

From missile parts to parka hoods

And smile at global warming news

‘Cause they’re the ones who get to choose



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