Me And Al

The Global Warming gang is hunkering down and riding out the storm, denying there is anything to see in the CRU leaked emails and memos. Will this work? Will the politicians and the media and those in line to make hundreds of billions of dollars from the scam succeed in making it all go away? Will soothing words and earnest and sincere entreaties to Trust Us save the day? Will the Global Warming gang succeed in destroying the economies of the western world in general and the United States in particular? Will we all feel better when everything the West has built and worked for these past three hundred years is given to the Third World kleptocracies? Well, foreign crooks may not get everything. Al Gore will get his share.  



Of all the words with CRU

What comes to mind is crud

And from the first the skeptics knew

That squeezing stones for blood

Was easier than getting those

Who manufactured lies

To say which data sets they chose

That proved the world wide rise

In temperatures on this fair Earth

Would lead to fatal cause

Like rising seas and earthquake birth

And shark attacks from Jaws

And meteors and melting ice

Volcanoes and the like

And much too much of things not nice

And breaches in the dike

While monsoon rains would flood the land

And drown both kith and kin

And rising tides drove all to stand

On high ground ‘mid the din

Of hurricanes of fiercest blows

Destroying homes and shrubs

While polar bears faced thinning snows

To raise their cute white cubs

But fear thee not the gurus said

We have a plan that works

Without us you would all be dead

Not knowing danger lurks

We’ll put a tax on CO2

In every breath you take

We’ll charge you for the carbon too

In everything you make

But here’s the thing, you can evade

The punishment du jour

By simply sending checks that paid

To us and to Al Gore

A simple sum that will allow

You carbon credits for

Just anything that me and Al

Have stocked up in our store

What’s that you say, we’ve cooked the books

Whatever can you mean

Just ‘cause the data’s gone and looks

Suspicious and obscene

You must not think that we would lie

For that would be uncouth

We swear to you, both Al and I

That warming is the truth



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