Going Along To Get Along

The Republican party is much too polite. In 1960 there was indisputable proof that the election was stolen in Illinois, in Chicago, but Nixon said he would not challenge the verdict because the United States was not a banana republic. Yet such concern for the good name of the United States did not deter Al Gore in 2000 from challenging the verdict, and in fact attempted to steal the election by having a recount only in Democrat counties in Florida and by seeing to it that military ballots were not counted. A few years ago the Governorship of Washington state was stolen in a recount, as well as the Senate seat in Minnesota that was stolen for Al Franken, both engineered by the same guy in recounts that found just enough Democrat ballots in the desk drawers and car trunks of Democrat party operatives. I do not expect the current Republican party honchos in the Congress to show much spine, since their mindset is to go along to get along. I fully expect Obama to accept their limp handshakes and do as he will, all without hindrance. But that doesn’t say we are helpless to avert the coming catastrophe. We still have the Second Amendment.


What can we all say of the peace loving band

Who smile as they accept defeat

Who say good show chap and extend a limp hand

To those they know full well did cheat

By finding new ballots in desks and in drawers

And who rigged the vote in the past

They know how to cheat and know how to win wars

We know that this won’t be the last

Fight fire with fire, and go toe to toe

Show spine and your fortunes will change

They aren’t your friends they’re implacable foe

Buy guns and get down to the range


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