The Darkness Before The Dark

The forces of Marxist darkness have won the election. The people of the United States have rejected the history and greatness of their country for the proverbial mess of pottage. Incompetence on the part of the president, or worse, did not matter. Unemployment, rising and unsustainable debt, it didn’t matter. The man behind the curtain promised the people free government cheese, and they gladly took it. The election is over and the people in their wisdom rejected freedom and chose free stuff from the glib, smooth talking con man. And now comes the darkness, as an Obama  second term takes the country deep into the morass of Marxist socialism, following in the doomed footsteps of our cousins in Europe. The light of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment is going out, possibly never to return.


Soft twilight drifts slowly obscuring our minds

Beclouding perceptions and vision

Deceiving us with an illusion that blinds

Our power to see with precision

We walk toward the sun setting low in the West

Not knowing the pathway is ending

Believing in those who say they know what’s best

And that is more taxing and spending

And getting elected with fraudulent votes

And watching the world go to Hades

While culture wars rage and the president dotes

On his Marxist advisory ladies

The twilight is gone and the dark night arrives

And with it the wolves and the terror

As through all the villages men with long knives

Erase all whose thinking’s in error

And midst all of this comes a flash in the night

A thousandfold suns in the distance

As darkness returns with the absence of light

It seems there will be no resistance

The country that once was the hope of the world

Was now in the hands of our betters

Who ordered our flags to be tight cased and furled

And responded to blows with sharp letters

And now at the end of our walk in the dark

Near the end of our noble endeavor

We sit on a bench in the once lovely park

Well knowing it’s all gone forever


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