Goodbye Gramps, It’s All In A Good Cause

House Blue Dog Democrats are reluctant to embrace the Obama health care scheme because they got badly burned by voting for the Cap and Trade carbon tax that was later shot down in the Senate, leaving them politically vulnerable back home, where the districts they represent are majority Republican. With Obama sagging in the polls, and the public increasingly opposed to Obamacare, it looks like Obama’s desired destruction of the finest health care system the world has ever known is on hold, at least for now. By the time Congress returns from August recess, having spoken to their constituents, Obamacare will be deservedly dead. The public is well aware that nationalized health care means rationed health care, which the government will spin as efficiency and savings, and rationed health care means many will die who would otherwise have lived. Like grammom and grampop.



Efficiency and savings are all that we crave

Which is why we suggest you die now

And of course we will speed you to your waiting grave

And our doctors will tell you just how

Just lie down be comfy and smile while we work

It’s over in just little time

A needle, a pinch, you will find we don’t shirk

Just remember you’re not in your prime

And what is more sir please remember that you

Voted straight Democrat in the Fall

So needless to say you’re the head of the queue

With the line stretching far down the hall

We really don’t like offing gents of your age

But it’s for your own good, really, pops

The road that you’re taking is now all the rage

And you’ll find that our caskets are tops



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