Green Achers

Everything that isn’t nailed down gets captured by the Left. The environmental movement began in a serious response to polluted rivers and smog filled air, and was quickly captured by the radicals who turned environmentalism into their own private Gestapo to force people to worship the religion of Gaia. We are not permitted to drill for oil or gas, loggers are killed by nails placed in trees by murderous environmentalists that cause chain saws to fly apart and kill the logger, farmers are denied water for their crops because a smelt was seen somewhere in the shallows, and so forth. Global warming is the latest and most audacious scam perpetrated by the radical Left, and almost succeeded in destroying the entire manufacturing and electrical generating industry of the United States by the deliciously evil scheme of carbon cap and trade that would have enriched such as Al Gore and returned the United States and Europe to a pre-industrial Luddite existence. The endangered species list includes everything but us, and we’re next.

We know that death and taxes is the only guarantee
That man will ever in this life collect
Bow down to Gaia, save the smelt or maybe hug a tree
There comes the time when one needs to reflect
Upon the forces Nature puts in play without a thought
Of consequences to the heedless few
Who claim returning to the life our ancestors had wrought
Would clarify our much benighted view
The Greens have bought the ears and hearts of leftists round the world
Who put in place the nonsense Greens ordain
And then recoil in horror when the thunderbolts are hurled
And all gets washed away in snow and rain

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