The Satellite Stars

Life is cyclical. We see the past but dimly, and the future not at all. Tyrants come and tyrants go; darkness falls and always lifts, though the dawn may not always be what we had expected or dreamed. Once great tyrannies now lie buried deep beneath the worm-turned soil of planet Earth, and future tyrannies now unseen will join them in their time. One day though we shall reach the stars, and we will then, finally, know God, for we shall be one with the universe.

How dim and distant flares the tiny light
So far and so untouchable it seems
And yet in life’s most dire and blackest night
It holds us to our purpose and our dreams
The stars are God’s own circling satellites
Parading ‘crosst the vast and darkling sky
And one day we shall reach up for those heights
And find the answer to the reason Why

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