The Zero Option

President Obama has announced all US forces will be withdrawn from Afghanistan by the end of 2014. This is called the Zero option. The Obama administration has also announced the United States armed forces will be reduced to a point lower than they stood in 1940. We might also call this the Zero option, because it is clear Obama desires the power of the United States to be reduced to zero. The Obama administration says domestic concerns take precedence over defense, thus the military must be cut in half so that more illegals can go on food stamps. The Japanese adopted the Zero option and the US adopted the F6F option and we all know how that turned out. Superior fire power, superior equipment, superior training, superior leadership and superior technology always wins. Obama has adopted the Zero option for the Armed Forces of the United States at large, not just for Afghanistan. Obama is deliberately weakening the United States because every single man and woman in his administration believes a strong United States is a danger to the peace of the world.

Do the helpless and weak need the neighborhood cop
Should the bad guys be given their way
Are we safer without someone strong to yell Stop
Should we hang it up, call it a day
Well that’s what we’re doing, the lefties have won
And have taken the cops off the beat
And marched us all off toward that dim setting sun
And smiled as they welcomed defeat

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