Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is family, and good food and good talk, memories re-lived, stories told. Thanksgiving is a day of reflecting on the wonder of being American, of living in the greatest country that ever was. Thanksgiving is football and crisp Fall weather, golden leaves and the hint of the snow to come. But most of all, Thanksgiving is family.



Drinks before dinner, then turkey and pie

Pumpkin and apple and mince

Cranberries, stuffing piled up to the sky

Enough to make hungry men wince

And there’s the good China and wine of your choice

As full heaping platters pass ‘round

With silverware clinking their soft silver voice

Competing with murmuring sound

Of diners exclaiming delight as they placed

Firm white meat in neat piles on plates

All realize the large ringing truth to be faced

That dinner won’t come to who waits

Then come the potatoes, both candied and mashed

With peas and rich gravy to boot

And when it was over the menfolk all crashed

Watching football but too stuffed to root

The ladies repaired to the kitchen to clean

Piled dishes in racks to be washed

The silver and glasses then filled the machine

While men lay around nicely sloshed

With talk about next year, and what a fine meal

And whose house they’d all gather ‘bout

The ladies then cried Oh hell no, that’s no deal

‘Cause next year you’re taking us out