What Emails? What Memos?

The revelations of fraud as revealed in the emails and files hacked from a server at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, Great Britain, will not mean a thing. The emails show the scientists rigging the data to make it appear that man, and not the sun, is responsible for what little global warming there has been over the past one hundred years, but neither Al Gore nor the climate Nazis will be dissuaded or disturbed by the facts, since he and they were undoubtedly privy to the scam from the beginning. No, the hockey stick guys will fight tooth and nail, claiming with every exhaled carbon dioxide breath that global warming is real and that the emails are faked. They will not give up easily, for careers are at stake, and for some, like Al Gore, it isn’t a career that’s at stake, but vast sums of money. Do not expect the climate Nazis to give up their fevered dream of running the world’s economies and peoples through the soft tyranny of the European socialist elites. And above all, do not expect Al Gore to do a mea culpa.



The climate is changing, we’re told by Al Gore

Regardless of facts that it’s not

And even with emails, the scandal du jour

He’ll not change his mind by a jot

The icebergs are melting, the bears in decline

The seas are all rising a lot

And even if proven the bears are all fine

He’d not change his mind by a jot

The air is polluted with carbon you know

It’s hard to know just what we’ve got

But even if proven the air’s fresh as snow

He’d not change his mind by a jot

He’ll not change positions on climate, we’re told

He says that it’s gonna get hot

And even if proven we’re gonna get cold

He’d not change his mind by a jot

For climate’s the answer to money for Al

He sees it as dough for the pot

The climate change scam is for him a cash cow

So he’ll not change his mind by a jot