Nostradamus, Guest Blogger, Volume 1

Time is an illusion. Time is not nature’s way of seeing to it that everything doesn’t happen all at once, for everything did happen all at once, one time, at the singularity. The concept of time reflects man’s imperfect grasp of reality, necessitated by his inability to understand that there is no such thing as time. And since everything happened all at once, there is a record of everything, a record we see as time, unfolding in its irreversible way. That record has the account of everything that happened, including those things we think of as in the future. I, Nostradamus, do not claim special powers, but I have been given access to those records.



Late Spring will see the bankers weeping

New regs by government in keeping

Will cause the liquid base to flow

In ever faster volume go

The failings gather as may be

With prayers to the FDIC


The summer sees a blinding flash

As two religious peoples clash

One religion has the power

To name the date and name the hour

The other gains to live by bluster

But force is something they can’t muster


The Fall will see the war increasing

The Kushmen fighting without ceasing

The soldiers of the Power fight

To make the Kushmen see the light

But Power CinC says whoa

This is as far as I can go