Harry Lime And The Cuckoo Clock

In the movie The Third Man, the character Harry Lime, who played the postwar game of double-cross to his advantage, said thirty years of war under the Borgias and Italy produced Michelangelo and the Renaissance while Switzerland had five hundred years of peace and produced the cuckoo clock. Two months have passed since the Benghazi consulate was attacked, and all we know for sure is that the head of the CIA was shtooping another man’s wife. But there’s more than one double-cross here. The double-cross is still in play in Libya, a part of the world where inventing even the cuckoo clock was beyond their capabilities. The government, whom we put in power by removing Ghaddafi, placed an ally of al Qaeda, one Abdel Hakim Belhaj, in charge of Security. Belhaj was thus in charge of the Libyan militia that ran away at the first sign of trouble when the Benghazi consulate was attacked, no doubt under orders not to interfere with the operation. Little wonder the guys who attacked the consulate knew exactly where everyone and everything was, and knew the Ambassador would be in Benghazi that night and not in Tripoli.


Harry Lime and cuckoo clocks

We start to see a theme

We give Ahmed the key to locks

Allowing him to dream

Of killing Infidels en masse

By claiming to be friend

And so we gave the man a pass

And now we see the end

Of fuzzy thinking on our part

Incompetence to boot

We’ve raised ineptness to an art

They died, who gives a hoot

What’s more important than brave lives

Is that Obama’s seen

As not in charge of giving knives

To those of grim faced mien

Who unlike Harry Lime of old

Who rose to post war fame

The Ahmed’s of our time are cold

And killing is their game






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