Queen Bee

Valerie Jarrett is the queen bee of the White House, the Machiavelli to Prince Barack, an evil presence lurking in the dark corners, an unelected Czarina who runs the White House and the country in the interest of the radical left and Obama’s equally radical leftist whim. It is widely believed that Valerie Jarrett is the keeper of the list of those slated to die suddenly by a Hellfire missle from an unseen drone.


Now every hive has its queen bee

And this queen’s name is Valerie

And like the queen she has her drones

Who bend to her imperious tones

Her drones are there to give assist

With pruning down the killing list

It matters not where they may hide

The drones will find them and decide

That since it is the queen bee’s wish

The name on file will join the fish

The White House runs at her command

Her merest wish a queen’s demand

She has the stones some others lack

A will of iron unlike Barack


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