Hillary And The Brotherhood

The Muslim Brotherhood has effectively taken control of Egypt. President Morsi has removed the Generals from power and installed his own men. The Army is now in the hands General Sisi, a Muslim Brotherhood advocate. President Morsi now has power far beyond that which was wielded by Mubarak, for he is now in charge of writing the constitution and selecting the Supreme Court Council, and it is a given that the Egyptian constitution will be a Sharia enshrining document. There is no point in telling Obama and Hillary I told you so, because this outcome is what they wanted all along, at least to judge by the cooing from Washington to these dangerous developments.


As the MB takes Hill’s kissies

Egypt’s soldiers now are Sisi’s

Which is why the IDF now has a smile

And since Barack has no spine I

Think that we’ll soon see the Sinai

Be the road the IDF takes to the Nile

As the Islamists take over

Promising a life of clover

All the while forbidding girls to go to school

And the country falls to ruin

From the royal all ‘round screwin’

Up by Barack and his Sec of Stately fool

Not to worry they’re in duck mode

So they’ll send them by the truck load

Money that we taxpayers will gladly pay

Yes we know what Egypt’s doing

They are billing and they’re couping

But it all will end come this Election Day


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