The Reluctant Warrior

In 2008 the women and grown children of this country elected, in their wisdom, a man totally unfit to be President of the United States. But that didn’t matter to the Obama girls and boys. He was black and he was cool, and if that isn’t enough qualification to be president than what is? And now, almost four years later, we find our leader is leading from behind, from behind all manner of things, from teleprompters to Hillary’s skirts. What the country wants and needs in the presidency is a warrior, someone who knows what is good for the country and will fight for it. Sadly, the only thing Obama fights for is the Marxist agenda he inherited from his mother and father.


Some warriors are reluctant

Some warriors quake with fear

While others get grim faces

As enemies draw near

Obama has it covered

He is three of a kind

He’s grim faced but reluctant

And leading from behind

Reluctant to take action

Inaction’s more his style

Grim faced with teleprompters

But fearful all the while

Of losing all his voters

He hates the thought of war

And hates to make decisions

But hates this country more

Celer silens mortalis

Is foreign to this guy

And quick, silent and deadly’s

Enough to make him cry


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