I Have The Cure

Many wonder what our war aims in Libya are. Do we want Khaddafi dead or do we merely want him to take his billions and his gorgeous blond East European nurses to live simply in the south of France? And will American troops be employed in the effort to change the regime by another name? The president says no, and explains:



Let me be clear, the president said

We want the man out, we don’t want him dead

We won’t put a single man’s boot on the ground

We won’t be at war, not while I’m around

Yes airplanes will fly and our warships will shoot

But boots on the ground, no the question is moot

Marines are on standby, somewhere in the Med

All ready on station, and French or Brit led

There’s things that the Congress just don’t need to know

When I give the word then the Army will go

That old constitution no longer applies

Besides it’s just filled with those slave owners’ lies

The people have voted, it’s time for a change

And so I have ordered the missiles down range

And guns to al Qaeda is plainly my goal

Their fierce fighting qualities quicken my soul

In closing I say with al Qaeda as friend

My plans are in motion, and none know the end

For I keep my counsel and none know for sure

The country’s diseased, and I have the cure


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