The Haystack And The Needle

The search for the Malaysian 777 has expanded to include the whole of the Indian Ocean, meaning the search is now looking for a very small needle in a very large haystack, And of course the plane may not be in the Indian Ocean at all, but in another haystack entirely.

The trouble with these haystacks is there’s always more than one
So finding the right haystack is no fun
That haystack can be anywhere beneath the flaming sun
And finding one small needle can’t be done
Without first narrowing the search to one small haystack field
And then determine which will likely yield
The needle when each piece of hay is well and truly peeled
From that one haystack that has been revealed
By data from our geostationary satellites
That work all day and also through the nights
Collecting and relaying pings as though they’re shim’ring lights
And bringing those wee haystacks in our sights
So if I had to guess where this darn airplane can be found
I’d say the data that is going ‘round
Would indicate that the said airplane surely would be bound
For someplace where its wheels could touch the ground
And that means someplace that has been some time ago prepared
Before this mystery was ever aired
That haystack and that needle are so intimately paired
That gentlemen I think we should be scared

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