It Isn’t CO2 We’re Against, It’s You

The greatest shakedown and transfer of wealth in recorded history is underway in Copenhagen as we speak. The global warming scam artists, whose radical left-wing ideology requires them to destroy Western society, and corrupt and often murderous third world dictators thirsting for the money that will flow their way, are gearing up to fleece the West in general and the United States in particular of hundreds of billions of dollars in pursuit of a non-solution to a non-existent threat to the planet. Science and technology have combined to make it possible to turn coal into gas in an environmentally friendly way, thereby making it possible to produce electricity by converting existing coal burning plants to gas. You would think the environmental whackos would be jumping for joy at the prospect of removing all that carbon dioxide from the air, but you would be wrong. The enviro whack-jobs are against any such thing, preferring wind and solar power to take us all back to the 12th century.



Oh no, he said, quite horrified

You can’t make gas that way

When all us whacks are starry-eyed

About the coming day

That we will all be carbon free

And people thus secure

From danger from the rising sea

And air is clear and pure

So who needs carbon anyhow

It’s surely been a curse

I see a tree of many bough

And say it could be worse

‘Cause trees and things eat up the stuff

That’s why it’s all around

I say with trees we’ve had enough

Let’s burn’em to the ground

That way there’d be no need to have

The carbon here at all

And then our conscience we can salve

And pridefully stand tall

What’s that you say, the trees and things

Turn carbon into air?

The stuff we breathe, we human beings

That God made oh so fair?

But don’t you see, that’s just the point

When we’ve no atmosphere

The planet’s then a gorgeous joint

Because you won’t be here



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