The Right Stuff

The people of Europe are finally taking it upon themselves to stop the national suicide presided over by the European Left that encourages unlimited Muslim immigration that threatens to destroy two thousand years of European history and culture and the enslavement and destruction of the people themselves. The rise of recent European Saviors on white horses has always led to Leftist dictatorships such as Hitler’s National Socialism, Mussolini’s unbreakable socialist fasces, Stalin’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and many, many others. This time, though, the Savior will more than likely be of the Right. In either event, the result will likely be much the same; roundups and deportations of Muslim invaders of Europe, with armed clashes escalating to open warfare, no mercy shown, no quarter given, as in the past with Muslim Ottoman versus Christian Europe. We are seeing the beginning of the long awaited, long deferred clash of civilizations, with the ending as yet unseen and unforeseeable, both for the Muslims and for the Europeans.

White horses cast a golden glow
The Savior stiff and stern
Black hearses follow, moving slow
As millions wait their turn
To fill the tumbrels, join the line
Of designated foe
As fire sweeps the landscape fine
And mounded bodies grow
And in the end, a thousand years
In time will dim the sight
Of all the blood and flowing tears
That come with horses white

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