The Ashes Of Their Fathers

Another murderous attack on some European cartoonists, this time in France, for disrespecting the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him, an attack that left twelve dead and fifteen wounded. For several years now I have maintained that the common people of Europe will not stand idly by and allow their countries to be taken from them by Muslim immigrants, regardless of what their elitist leftist leaders think or do. I have stated that if the elected leaders do nothing then there will arise a Joan of Arc or a Hitler, and depending on when and where the cleansing of the Muslims starts will depend the amount of blood and degree of horror. I just didn’t think it would begin so soon, but it has.

The ashes of their fathers
And the temples of their gods
Are deeply rooted in the souls of men
Who’ll fight to keep the sacred
Bones intact beneath their sods
 Won’t see their churches turned to mosques again
The war of Islam ‘gainst the West
Has lasted many years
The seventh century to present time
When Muslim raiders made the
Christians slaves through blood and tears
And Sultans were addressed as The Sublime
Vienna and Lepanto
Saw the dawning of the West
And Islam sink into irrelevance
Until the current Leftist
Leadership that knows what’s best
Sat back and watched the Muslim scourge advance
And so the common folk of
Europe take the bloody task
Of fighting for their sacred home and hearth
And showing to the Muslim
Western tolerance’s mask
Conceals the fiercest fighting men on Earth


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